The Macksey Journal


Conception is a dream sought by many parents as infertility has plagued some women, yet this goal can be obtained through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This article will explore the reasons as to why this dream is not always fulfilled due to society. Many parents are turned away from Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART), such as IVF, due to income, sexuality, and the lack of insurance coverage. Only the affluent can afford this procedure because of the hefty price tag(s) and obstacles that accompany IVF, such as not being available to single women or same sex couples. Lastly, most state and private insurances do not offer coverage for IVF, even though infertility is considered a disease. These three injustices are supported by scholarly authors and their research. The inequalities for women and couples will be discussed. Raising awareness about these are imperative because many people do not realize the negative impact IVF can have on people. By giving statistics, real-life examples and putting it into perspective will show that society poses ethical problems when it comes to treatment via IVF.