The Macksey Journal


This research examines the intrinsic, yet often disregarded, connection between creativity and collaboration through an analysis of my personal writing sampled from the years 2007-2017. By examining a variety of my personal fiction works, those writings traditionally labeled “creative writing,” I work to establish the collaborative nature present in each of these pieces, the interactions between elements of my own life and the works of others. The sampled works are analyzed for their use of the collaborative process through application of the ten components of corporate and professional collaboration as produced by the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). This research challenges the Romantic theory that creation is an individual endeavor, positing instead that creativity can be accessed by anyone in any form. With the traditionally labeled “creative writing” shown to be collectively collaborative rather than a product of individual giftedness, it can be further posited that fiction writing is creative as much as engineering solutions or business strategy sessions are creative, giving “non-writers” a chance to witness the multidisciplinary relevance of creativity.