The Macksey Journal


Today when we think of trophies, we either think of the golden ones on shelves or the animal ones that hunters collect. This research began with the question of how ethical is it for a farmer to kill an endangered animal to protect their livelihood, and from there, the question became how ethical is it for a hunter to collect animal trophies. Why would a hunter be allowed to take trophies and how is a golden trophy similar to an animal one? Looking at the definition according to the Oxford English Dictionary, and how it is defined now, led to the examples of lynching trophies, relics, heirlooms, and serial killer mementos, and how the word changed overtime. Different examples are used to show how the definition and examples have changed and how a power complex was created. The power complex is shown through the person having the trophy and the story they tell with it, whether it be an animal, a golden award, or something else. This is a problem as whole lives, and history itself, can be changed through one story; a story that changed the truth of who held the power.