The Macksey Journal


Heckman (2006) introduced the importance of investing in education and the economics of childhood development by reviewing a landmark study of the skill formation of young people. The importance of investing in education cannot be understated. Heckman (2006) asserts that children who fall behind in the education system may never catch up. This means that they are discounted by society and are unable to advance from their current situation. Heckman (2006) argues that there is still time to work against these educational inequities. Essentially, interventions need to happen early to be effectual. However, Heckman also stipulates that for solutions to have long-term results, they need to be paired with long-term support. Developing more comprehensive teacher certification standards can ensure early interventions. For teachers to maintain long-term support for students, educational policymakers must create more comprehensive standards involving teachers' sociopolitical development (SPD) and diverse student populations. This review will analyze accreditation standards, sociopolitical development, teacher quality, and educational interventions and the impact they hold on opportunity gaps in education.