The Macksey Journal


In the aftermath of 9/11, there was not only the loss of lives of publicly recognized professionals, but also many less recognized workers. The immigrant workers, working legally and illegally in the twin towers, at the time of the terrorist attack, as well as supporting the nation in the aftermath of these atrocities, are an important part of this story. This paper shares the stories of these workers and the ways they supported in the clean up efforts in the aftermath, the impacts of their efforts,and the resulting changes in both the view of these workers and in the laws surrounding citizenship. For those who helped in the aftermath, there have been laws put in place to help them achieve citizenship. In a time where there is strong resentment in the nation for immigrant workers, in spite of our nation’s reliance on them for the cheap goods and services, this paper helps to shed light on the immigrant workers we relied on then and continue to rely upon today. This paper explores the lives of the workers affected by the twin towers, through the stories of those who lost family in the towers, how the nation treated these immigrant workers in the aftermath of 9/11, and the ripple effect it had.