The Macksey Journal


Vaporwave is an internet-mediated music genre that has gained worldwide popularity within the last decade, and Floral Shoppe (2011) by Macintosh Plus is widely considered to be the most famous vaporwave album. Floral Shoppe, widely considered to be the seminal album of the vaporwave genre, indexes accelerationism and techno-orientalism in its sampling style and its album art. Drawing on Dr. David Roh's theories of techno-orientalism in media, Dr. Ken McLeod's research regarding techno-orientalism in the genre of vaporwave, Dr. Alessandro Duranti's theories of indexicality, and Dr. James Clifford's art-culture system, I will place Floral Shoppe within the larger history of the vaporwave genre and explore how Floral Shoppe has influenced other vaporwave artists to index accelerationism and techno-orientalism in their album art and music. Later vaporwave albums such as Blank Banshee 1 (2013) by Blank Banshee and 新しい日の誕生 (Birth of a New Day) (2013) by 2 8 1 4 index techno-orientalism and accelerationism in their musical and visual aesthetics. These albums are evidence that Floral Shoppe set a precedent for the rest of the genre in indexing these concepts.