The Macksey Journal


This study seeks to examine how the human body, particularly the hands, can be a focal point for sociologically understanding the way humans perceive themselves, each other, and the world around them. A series of conversational interviews were conducted in which participants were asked to describe their hands, what they use them for, and what associations they have with them. The aim was for the participants to share stories which would shape each unique and individual interview experience. However, in understanding more about human life and its experiences, technical analyses such as statistics and graphs are often inadequate approaches. Because of this shortcoming, I created visual representations of the data through a series of paintings. Guided by methods of arts-based research, I designed these paintings to be displayed in a public forum alongside quotes from the interviews which inspired them in addition to a poster presentation of the research. As part of a trans-disciplinary investigation, one may discern the utility of presenting scientific findings through art. Through visual storytelling, this study most importantly seeks to challenge the cultural divide between art and science.