The Macksey Journal


Through the use of music, visualization, and the written word, artists, of all mediums bring beauty and depth to a cold, factual world. These masterpieces, at the hands of academia, can be interwoven and used to create new works, stories, or even political statements. Philip Roth, a primary author among scholars of Jewish-American literature, uses his writing to comment on the struggles faced by the Jewish community in America. Many of Roth's novels, including Goodbye, Columbus, American Pastoral, and The Plot Against America explore the importance of Jewish identity and livelihood among the Jewish communities of Newark, New Jersey. However, Roth's work does not exclude the non-Jewish, or goyim, from identifying or parallelizing their artistry with Roth's themes and characters. A prime example is a 1940 creation of Walt Disney, the forerunner for animation and film, called Fantasia. Through this film, Disney creates a never-before-seen collaboration of visual artwork and musical compositions. This paper directly explores the connections between Disney's animation and Roth's literary works. There are direct connections between the featurette Pastoral Symphony, Rothian themes, and Jewish-American culture.