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Devout Moravian missionary Ziesberger felt as though his sole purpose in life was to spare the “ignorant” Native Americans from being damned in Hell. Yet, Zeisberger used progressive and peaceful conversion means. He would forge the closest relationship to the Lenape people of any missionary. He would live within their communities, translate German and English hymns into the Lenape’s native language, publish several texts in Lenni Lenape, and host prayer services in Lenni Lenape. Zeisberger would use his devout devotion and passion to spread Christianity among the Lenape people. He would stand by them through trials and tribulations, which made Zeisberger unlike any other missionary. By many means conversion is deemed a heinous and vicious act, but Zeisberger’s intent was out of a genuine need to spare these people from being doomed to Hell.

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