The Macksey Journal


In his essay "Politics and the English Language", as well as the novel 1984, George Orwell presents the ease with which language and propaganda can be used to justify atrocity. The Orwellian perspective of language exposes the ambiguous and "meaningless words" infesting the rhetoric following the terrorist attacks of September the 11th. While the rhetoric encouraging the invasion of Iraq has been justly scrutinized, there is a suspicious lack of focus on another crucial result of September the 11th. Douglass Kellner, cultural theorist and author of Bushspeak and the Politics of Lying, neglects to properly acknowledge the institution and effects of the United States Patriot Act. Kellner meticulously dissects what he deems "Bushspeak" in support of the war in Iraq, but regrettably ignores the perversion of the ideal of freedom on the domestic front. By thoroughly deconstructing George Bush's rhetoric, in keeping with Orwell's critique of political language, I find that politicians unleashed freedom against itself in an effort to restrict civil rights.