The Macksey Journal


Communicable disease, specifically the Black Death outbreak of the fourteenth century, poses a great threat to mankind, forcing masses into early graves. Despite the horrible outcomes these events aren’t entirely negative. Through these events the world has learned how to better respond to future outbreaks. Amid another pandemic it is vital to continue this practice. COVID-19 responses have failed in that the overarching public health policy does not consider individual differences and how they impact people’s ability to adhere to said policy.[SJ1] This failing leads to the continuation of public health policy and actions that are simply ineffective. By [SJ2] collecting and including seemingly extraneous [SJ3] data regarding individual differences including language differences and family structures a more effective public health response to communicable disease is possible.

[SJ1]Adhere to what?

[SJ2]Good, clear thesis

[SJ3]What is this data precisely?