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This is a translation of George Khabbaz’s poem titled the "Story of Lebanon" from Arabic into English and Spanish. This poem depicts the country's history from its inception to Civil War hardships, and until today. It sends a powerful message to the diaspora. Today, it is crucial since Lebanon is still fighting for a change in the political system exemplified by the October 2019 revolution. This paper will address the obstacles of translation and different ways to overcome them in multiple languages. The translation process of the poem itself allowed me to dig deeper into my roots, my identity, and my country to understand the figurative language used throughout the poem. My goal in translating this poem was to provide an opportunity for those who grew up abroad, not knowing how to read or write Arabic, to understand their heritage through this poem’s powerful imagery.

Travel Through Translation 1 (1).mp4 (16076 kB)
A presentation of my article and the keypoints.