The Macksey Journal


This article will examine how American institutions disable veterans. This excerpt (Chapter 1) from my honors thesis will specifically challenge how the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) disciplines, creates dependency in, and disables veterans through punitive actions, barriers to resources, and highly addictive medications. To do so, I employ Agamben’s model of bare life, the life devoid of value concept, and Brigg’s concept of the unsanitary citizen. Combined, these core concepts and models form a hybrid model that I refer to as the Hybrid Disposable Bodies model (HDB). For this project, I interviewed 12 hetero-cis male and female veterans for an average of 1.5 hours between June 2019 and December 2019 in the San Francisco Bay area. I employed ethnographic collaborative inquiry, focusing on Kleinman’s (2006) eight-questions approach. Together, these models allow for the researcher and interlocutor to search for the answers to questions together and holistically.