The Macksey Journal


The Department of History at Kean University and Liberty Hall Museum has started to research further into the issue of slavery on the property and the involvement of the families. This project aims to examine the letters and documents in the Liberty Hall Collection and the William Livingston Papers on microfilm. The information gathered will be used by professors, students, and museum educators. The Liberty Hall Collection includes 14,000 documents about the Livingston and Kean family; while the William Livingston Papers includes fourteen rolls of microfilm that are analyzed. Among team members, each document is inventoried that discussed enslaved people and was noted in a GoogleDoc. Each manuscript has to be read, noted, scanned and explained. While carefully following these steps, one begins to collect names and information about the enslaved people at Liberty Hall. This project is only the beginning of uncovering information about enslaved people on the property. By focusing on the language of the letters and carefully analyzing how people discussed enslaved people offers insight into how people interpret the inhumane act.