The Macksey Journal


I am honored to be considered for acceptance to the Macksey journal. I am a rising Math Philosophy double major at the College of Wooster with an intense passion for learning and research. I look forward to the advice and opportunities for growth this journal will provide for me.

My article, `The Evolution of Frantz Fanon’s Manichean Logic,’ illustrates a key problem with Frantz Fanon’s decolonial arguments as presented in `The Wretched of the Earth.` He introduces the concept of Manichean logic, but he implements this concept in a way that I argue dooms any decolonial revolution.

Furthermore, in contrast to Fanon, I synthesize the works of later decolonial thinkers, Chandra Mohanty and Maria Lugones to demonstrate how holding the fundamental tenets of Manichean Logic can be implemented in a decolonial revolution without compromising the revolution itself.