The Macksey Journal


This paper contends that the NH Hotel Group’s decision to convert Flakturm Tower IV, a former Nazi military installation in Hamburg, Germany, into a luxury hotel performatively establishes an Alt-Right fetishism. Though NH Hotel Group plans to include a rooftop garden to serve as a “memorial center for victims of the Nazi regime,” this paper argues that even this gesture magnifies the terror. Drawing primarily from Julia Kristeva’s theory of abjection, Dick Hebdige’s theory of style, the project’s surface discourse proclaiming the benefits of restoration and repurposing, is really a gesture of repossession. This repossession emerges as residual cultural modes of Nazi strategies of excess and exclusion become performatively ingrained in the architecture of the building. Rather than having abjection the Nazi regime’s terror, Flak Tower IV restyles it, offering a popular and consumable form of oppression, an Alt-Right entertainment. By doing so, the NH Hotel Group further perpetuates the commodification of Nazism and profiting off such atrocities, not just on the scale of hotel ventures.