The Macksey Journal


The theory of modulation, as introduced by Gilles Deleuze in 1990, serves as an instructive tool to think about the difficulties faced in Israel-Palestine. This paper seeks to discuss some of the major instances of Israeli legal modulation throughout the course of the Occupation with a heavy focus on these occurrences post-Oslo Accords. Israel modulates its policies concerning checkpoints and crossing between Palestinian-to Israeli-controlled territory based on its understanding of the Oslo Accords and Interim Agreement. The policies of this Agreement were implemented poorly on the ground and consequently did not create a successful roadmap to peace as it was originally intended to do. Modulation provides opportunity for confusion, surprise, and total oppression. The deliberate actions of those with the most power to undermine their opponents ultimately trickles down into the individual lives of Israelis and Palestinians alike. Israel’s gradual policy manipulations at checkpoints since 1993, made possible through the implicit strategy of modulation, has led to an even deeper and more violent conflict than before the Oslo Accords were signed.