The Macksey Journal

Editorial Board

Gemma Nicholson, Director of Macksey Journal & Macksey Symposium Implementation

Gemma Nicholson is a Master of Arts student in the Department of Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University. Her research pertains to understanding the neural processes involved in social perception and social interactions. She works as a Research Opportunities Mentor in the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity, advising undergraduate students. She heads the Macksey Symposium and Macksey Journal Implementation Team. Before starting her graduate school career, she completed her undergraduate degree at Quinnipiac University. She is passionate about making higher education accessible to all backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles.

Devin Green, Senior Editor

Devin is an undergraduate student transferring to Johns Hopkins University in Fall 2020. His research has been critical of the use of domestic surveillance and the shallow political rhetoric used to justify it. He is a member of the Macksey Journal Editorial Board, and also works to develop the Johns Hopkins Humanities Collaboratory. Devin hopes to double major in Political Science and Philosophy at Hopkins, with the goal of eventually pursuing a Ph.D.

Janelle Green, Senior Editor

Janelle Green is a senior at Claflin University double majoring in African American Studies and Philosophy. She is the recipient of the ESU Luard Morse Scholarship which allowed her to attend Oxford University in Spring 2020 as a visiting student at Hertford College. Her research interests include intersectional educational inequality, prison reform, and the various creative outlets which black women use to document and express their trauma within both systems.

Mohammed Khalid, Senior Editor

Mohammed Khalid is a Constellation+Cyber+Honors+i3+McNair Scholar in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is also a Mellon Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University. His academic and research interests include understanding the use of the internet to spread extremist content and developing appropriate mitigation strategies. In addition to working with local actors and governments, Mohammed has served in numerous leadership roles -- such as an advocate for textbook affordability as an OpenStax intern, an SGA member, and a student ambassador for the Community College of Baltimore County. His anecdotes and experiences are shared at his blog: https://www.mohammedkhalid.com.

Colt Crain, Junior Editor

Colt Crain is a BS student majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology, along with a minor in French Studies at Johns Hopkins University. His research passion lies in unraveling and solving the mysteries inside our cells. Currently, Colt is researching the roles of specific proteins in the process of muscle regeneration and the musculoskeletal stem cell niche. He works in the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity as the Student Office Manager, and also works on the Macksey Symposium and Macksey Journal Implementation teams.

Lillian Oliver, Junior Editor

Lillian Oliver is currently an undergraduate student studying Cognitive Science, focusing on Linguistics and Psychology, with a minor in Visual Arts at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Woodrow Wilson and Bander Award recipient; the projects pertaining to the field of interests, linguistics, and art respectively. Lillian grew up in Kansas and is now at Johns Hopkins University where she attends school and works at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity (URSCA) as a part of the Macksey Symposium & Macksey Journal Implementation Team.

Sofia Jauregui, Junior Editor

Sofia is an undergraduate student majoring in both Molecular & Cellular Biology and Psychology and minoring in Spanish at the Johns Hopkins University. Her research seeks to understand young children’s ability to reason using modal concepts like necessity, impossibility, and possibility in situations of environmental uncertainty. She works in the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly & Creative Activity as a student assistant and Junior Editor of the Macksey Journal.